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Volunteer Profile: Lifang Zhang

I used to be a university professor in China for 15 years. I came to Canada in 2018 and then became a certified community interpreter. I have a PhD in Economics and has been to Germany and Australia as a visiting scholar in my previous career. I have a strong passion towards serving as a cultural broker. In my spare time, I love to travel around the world with my family and meet people from different cultures.

Volunteer Profile: Lidia Jarmasz

My father was Polish and my mother is Honduran, so I grew up speaking Polish and Spanish at home. I learned French at school, and English from TV. I worked for several years as an English-to-French translator before going back to school to get a degree in Immigration and Settlement Studies. I currently work for the Refugee Sponsorship Training Program, helping Francophone groups in Canada who wish to sponsor refugees, and I volunteer at the Matthew House welcome centre for refugee claimants. For fun, I like to travel and eat.
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