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We work to imagine equitable futures. Futures where nobody is at greater risk of love or harm because of the colour of their skin, where they are from, what language they speak, what religious beliefs they hold, who they love, how they look or how they navigate the world.

We believe we live in a world that has more than enough natural resources to sustain us if we treat the planet with respect and love.

We believe we live in a country that strives to be a true melting pot of cultures and values diversity.

We believe we can live in harmony with one another and the planet when we work to share responsibility for the problems we face today, rather than between us.

To do this work, we at the Department of Imaginary Affairs work towards being an equitable employer, organization partner, and collaborator. We often stumble on this journey and we are grateful for the compassion needed to learn together.

We stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and with Indigenous communities in our shared work to imagine equitable futures. We take deep responsibility in practicing anti-racism, anti-oppression, and decolonial approaches to our work.

We at the Department of Imaginary Affairs are a community of people with multiple hyphenated identities who have the responsibility to seek the truth and reconciliation and move towards reciprocity for harm that has been caused on the stolen lands that we live on. 

We acknowledge that the work we do requires us to center our values of decolonization, care and codesign in order to do the work of imagining equitable futures. We are committed to doing the work needed to address and dismantle systems of oppression and racism that exist around us. We are actively (un)learning our roles and responsibilities when it comes to how we show up.

This is ongoing work and we continue to share our learnings through our #thisisimaginationatwork blog series each month. 

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