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Shwasti is a Toronto based organization for Bengali seniors that frequents Dentonia Park.

Shwasti started out as a walking group for Bengali seniors in the Crescent Town area and evolved into a social group to maintain relationships in the Bengali community during the pandemic.

For our A Tale of Two Parks project, Shwasti members spoke with us about their experiences overcoming COVID, immigrating to Canada and the passions that they have maintained while living in Canada.

Shwasti going on their walking event at Dentonia Park on August 15, 2021.

“United Against Hate” sign of solidarity & heart art installation at Dentonia Park.

Shwasti taking a break from walking at Dentonia Park on August 15, 2021.

These are the 7 stories of community members from Shwasti.

To view, listen & enjoy all the stories — click the title for the entire playlist.

Parvin Choudhury

Parvin shared her experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic and the importance of maintaining faith.

Fatema Begum

Fatema shared her story about her personal experience overcoming COVID-19 and how important her faith is to her.

Ummey Ashma

Ummey shared a story about why Shwasti was created and how they adapted their activities during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Taslima Hassan

Taslima shared an excerpt of her novel, Adharkonna (Girl of Darkness). The short story she shares with us in this video is called Jonaki, Jonaki (Firefly, Firefly).

Nazma Sultana

Nazma spoke about joining Shwasti to spend time with other Bengali community members when she visits Canada. In this video, she talks about her passion for travelling and outdoor activities.

Shathy Ahmed

Shathy shared her story about immigrating to Canada and starting a successful business, as well as her experiences traveling the world.

Shah Mohiuddin

Shah played a storytelling game with us, he talks about his family, his passion for gardening and about his experience immigrating to Canada.

Shwasti Gallery

Shwasti Blog Post

Social Researcher, Ari Para reflects on engaging with communities at Dentonia Park, specifically with Shwasti at their events, while listening & preserving their stories.

This Story Experiment is based in Dentonia Park

To Learn MoreĀ About Shwasti

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