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What are Story Experiments?

During our A Tale of Two Parks project, our social researchers conducted story experiments with community members of Edgeley and Dentonia Park in order to highlight the storytellers and stories that we collected over the 6 month period of this project. 

During this experimentation phase, we were able to highlight key goals for our project, including prioritizing the voices of BIPOC seniors, youth, newcomers and immigrants, acknowledging the realities of the safety of parks for BIPOC communities, and of course, imagining safer and braver spaces for BIPOC folx in the communities they live in with storytelling being the conduit for change. 

It was no small task, but with every new iteration of our story experiments, we were able to achieve some beautiful progress towards our goals. Explore our process and the stories we’ve collected on our A Tale of Two Parks project.

1-on-1 Interviews

Having in-depth conversations with community members of Dentonia Park about their experiences in the community.

Parks Futures

Envisioning a better future for the parks we frequent by contemplating various park designs and honouring the land and who it belongs to.

Participatory Parks Planning Game

How can we design our parks better? How can we make parks safe for everyone?

Group Team Storytelling

Connecting within the Tale of Two Parks team to talk about the safety of parks for BIPOC communities, and our relationships to the land we take up space on.

Park/Land NaNoWriMo

A 30-day writing program inspired by NaNoWriMo to bring awareness to the land we take up space on and foster the art of story-telling in community members.

Shwasti Stories

Engaging with Dentonia Park’s Bengali seniors walking group and their work within the Danforth area.

Park Audio Reflections

An exploration of insights in audio form that we gathered from being at both Dentonia & Edgeley Park as a team.

Park Tabling

Engaging with community members at Dentonia Park.

Youth Program

Engaging with youth who frequent Edgeley Park and fostering their creativity.

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