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The Case For Quotes

If you are one of our 235 Instagram followers (or, more realistically, one of the 8 people who regularly likes our posts), you’ll know how much we center direct quotes…

The story of how I got here

This month's blogpost for #thisisimaginationatwork comes from one of our founding Board Members, Brian Phillips. One of the many things I really cherish about the Department of Imaginary Affairs is…

Volunteer Profile: Tara Al-Hadithy

I am an associate professor of Linguistics and Translation. I came from the Middle East to Canada with more than 12 years of professional tertiary level teaching experience. I specialize in teaching English for Academic Purposes, Technical Communication, Research and Report Writing, Translation and Linguistics. Drawing, painting, and translation are some of my favourite hobbies. I am interested in projects that help make this world a better place.

Volunteer Profile: Seyed Mohsen Ahmadinejad

I have been awarded a PhD (in Companion Animal Medicine and Surgery) by the University of Queensland, Australia. I very much like to connect with people, and connect people together and with their outside world. Having lived in different countries (other than my home land), I have understood the strange feeling newcomers feel, how much they would like to connect with people who speak their own language and how much they want to be understood by the people around them. My main interests and hobbies are sports (soccer) and studying. I spend at least 4-5 hours daily studying (mostly at libraries).

Volunteer Profile: Abeer Brki

I work as a language translator and interpreter. I feel fortunate that my studies and work in the language services industry have allowed me to have a deep understanding and appreciation for different cultures. I have a real passion for reading. I think it is my favourite activity. I’m also interested in exploring nature, hiking or just walking along trails. There is so much to see and explore out there!
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