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I have volunteered with The Stories of Us project as a…

Tell us a bit about yourself. (Feel free to speak to your personal and professional background and experiences, as well as your hobbies and interests)

I used to be a university professor in China for 15 years. I came to Canada in 2018 and then became a certified community interpreter. I have a PhD in Economics and has been to Germany and Australia as a visiting scholar in my previous career. I have a strong passion towards serving as a cultural broker. In my spare time, I love to travel around the world with my family and meet people from different cultures.

Why did you want to get involved with The Stories of Us project?

I would like to contribute my part to share the stories of new immigrants.

How would you describe your experience as a volunteer with The Stories of Us to a friend?

It has been a very rewarding experience. I sincerely think it is a wonderful experience because I always get timely feedback from the staff involved in the project. I really enjoyed it.

How do you imagine Canada in 50 years from now? (This is a question that guides our work, and we would love to know and try to incorporate your vision into our work as well.)

I believe Canada will become an even more multicultural society in the coming years.

Read the stories translated by Lifang

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Blair is a trained playwright, designer by trade, and traveler for life. He is the Executive Director of the DIA and loves all kinds of food.

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