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Tell the world a little bit about you

Novelette Cornwall is currently a full-time postgraduate Strategic Management Accounting student at Centennial College; which is Ontario’s oldest publicly funded community college. Since her arrival in Canada, in August 2017, she has completed a one-year postgraduate certificate in Financial Planning at Centennial College. This certificate complements her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Jamaica’s Northern Caribbean University and her diploma in Accounting from the United Kingdom’s Association of Accounting Technicians. Ms. Cornwall depicts several remarkable traits and has been bestowed with numerous certificates of recognition for her voluntary services. When she is not volunteering her services for a charitable cause, she can be found engrossed in the latest thriller novel, keeping abreast of current affairs, watching a game of football, athletics or cricket. She currently resides in Scarborough Ontario and can be contacted at

Tell the world a little bit about what you’re most excited to help the DIA with

Novelette is most enthusiastic to champion and assist the DIA, which is still in its incubation stage, evolve and achieve a more far-reaching impact on a national scale in facilitating newcomers integrate more seamlessly into the Canadian society.  

Tell the world how you imagine Canada in 2050 to be

She envisions Canada in 2050 to be the most inclusive, multi-lingual, diverse and caring country in the world.  The Canadian government is already championing human rights and gender equality, and so by the year 2050 it is hoped that Canada will help to make the world a better and safer place for all.

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