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We were selected to be one of the inaugural project partners for the Centennial College Design Jam, within a 16-week placement program, recent graduates are placed in multi-disciplinary teams to support an industry partner. We got an enthusiastic group of 4 grads and now we’re excited to see what they can help us with over the next few weeks.

We asked them to share a bit about themselves. (Keep in mind, they are all new grads and actively seeking employment – if you are hiring and you see something that sparks your interest, please feel free to reach out!)

We asked them to answer 3 questions for us, to help introduce themselves:

  1. Tell the world a little bit about you
  2. Tell the world a little bit about what you’re most excited to help the DIA with
  3. Tell the world how you imagine Canada in 2050 to be

We were really excited to get back their bios and their visions for the future. Each of them bring their own lived experiences as international students and coming to Canada. They have already been helping us rethink aspects of the story collecting templates and have jumped on to a list of to-dos that we haven’t been able to tackle.

Check out their individual welcome posts to learn more about each of them. You can see just how excited they are to be a part of the DIA and with a specific focus on The Stories of Us. They bring a wide-range of skills and are taking on a multitude of tasks from reviewing legal documents, to accounting and budgets, to building data-bases and helping us expand our outreach.

We are sending the warmest of welcomes to Ann-Marie, Novelette, Sanket and Christine!

Let’s have an amazing summer together!

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