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Tell the world a little bit about you

Christine De Guzman is from the Philippines and came to Canada on September 19, 2015. She recently graduated from Centennial College in the 2-year program Business Financial Services. While studying in Centennial College, she has successfully achieved several certifications which includes: Mutual Funds (IFIC) Certificate, Canadian Securities Course (CSC) Certificate, Retirement planning (RPC) Certificate, Microsoft Office Specialist Excel 2013, and Microsoft Office Specialist Word 2013. Adding to that, she has also been awarded two scholarships: one from Tatli Family and another one from CIBC for achieving one of the highest GPA in the Business Finance Program. Christine’s goal in the future is to be a CFA and/or CPA, and her future long-term goal is to have her own business one day.

Tell the world a little bit about what you’re most excited to help the DIA with

For Christine, the most exciting part about helping the Department of Imaginary Affairs is the opportunity to help the community and be a part of how other people can improve their English-speaking skills. Additionally, she will be the first one to have the opportunity to help DIA in translating in her own native language which is Tagalog which she finds it fun and educational.  

Tell the world how you imagine Canada in 2050 to be

By 2050, Christine imagines Canada to be a more diverse country with more immigrants coming from different parts of the world. This is because the Government of Canada has been improving the Immigration system in Canada so that more people can migrate in Canada and increase the workforce. Through this project of the Department of the Imaginary Affairs, Christine also imagines that this project will help more and more newcomers here in Canada to learn more English so that new comers would also have more work opportunities and have a better life here in Canada.

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