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The East Side Story is all about stories…obviously 🙂

We know there is a unique story to the East side of Toronto, this is where Toronto started, this is where Toronto continues to change and where the future is unknown.

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To get a sense of what is happening on the East side of Toronto, we set out to collect stories from people young and old, and everyone in between who live, work and play in the East side of Toronto. We want to showcase the vibrancy and diversity of the people and look for shared themes across the stories.

We are pleased to have so far connected with some super awesome partners. Starting mid-May, we have been collecting stories and we will be collecting stories into July.

We have now been to a story collecting session with Mr. Ryan’s class at Our Lady of Lourdes and spent the weekend at the Riverdale Art Walk.

2015-06-06 11.40.15 (1)

Our goal is to have about 500 stories collected this summer. Help us get to that goal!

Make sure to get your story to us either in person, through twitter or instagram using #imaginaryTO or online through the submission form. 



Jennifer Chan

Jennifer Chan

Jenn has been working with nonprofits and communities for over 10 years guiding design thinking and strategic foresight processes. Jenn believes in facilitating conversations lead by the community to find pain points that drive and ground new ideas.

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