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Tell the world a little bit about you

Ann-Marie Samuels, an accomplished law graduate of the University of London and Centennial
College with a Honours postgraduate certificate in Paralegal Studies, distinction in leadership,
and an Alternate Dispute Resolution Certificate. Ann-Marie is also a member in good standing
with the Law Society of Ontario and has served in legal capacities at ProBono Ontario,
Centennial Legal Information Center and law offices. She actively serves in not for profit
outreach, and special needs programs.

Tell the world a little bit about what you’re most excited to help the DIA with

Interestingly, Ann-Marie also has a background in Business Administration and thereby
provided, entrepreneurial, communication, and commercial lending services across different
corporate entities. She holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Business Administration from
the University of the West Indies in Jamaica.

Tell the world how you imagine Canada in 2050 to be

It is with great enthusiasm that Ann-Marie is eager to assist the Department of Imaginary Affairs
to discover and develop their areas of legal needs. Ann-Marie’s futuristic imaginations for
Canada in 2050 is the replacement of ground uber’s and taxi’s to strictly air taxi’s and airbus’s.

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