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Tell the world a little bit about you

Sanket Shah is from India and came to Canada as an International Student in December 2016. He recently graduated from Centennial College. He pursued two programs: Marketing – Corporate Account Management and Marketing- Research & Analytics. He also has a master’s degree in Business Administration in the field of Finance. While studying at Centennial College he did quite a lot of volunteering as well. He was an active member of Centennial International Student Ambassador (CISA) and a committee member on the team that successfully planned and executed the Centennial College Student Leadership Conference 2017.

Tell the world a little bit about what you’re most excited to help the DIA with

Sanket is very excited to work with the DIA. He is excited to use his knowledge gained during his studies at Centennial College. As his background is in the field of research and sales, he thinks that his skills will be helpful to him to collect data from different people. He also thinks that the work he is going to do will help people for whom English is not their first language and who are taking classes to learn English and he can be part of this enlightening process.

Tell the world how you imagine Canada in 2050 to be

Sanket imagines that Canada will be one of the few countries having one of the most diversified cultures in the world in 2050. People from all different countries will stay together here as a family and share their cultural values with each other. As the government is always welcoming immigrants from all around the globe, every year there will be more newcomers and the work DIA is doing will be helpful to them. Canada will be a small world in itself, having rich cultural values from all different ethnicities and almost all languages of the world will be spoken in Canada by 2050.

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