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We are looking forward to including your story in our library.

Before you begin, we want to let you know a few things:

  1. By sending us your story, you are allowing the Department of Imaginary Affairs permission to use your story as part of our library. You can choose how we can use them.
  2. Your stories are your stories. We are asking for permission to publish your stories as part of The Stories of Us project and include the stories in our library in physical and digital formats.
  3. Because this project will be available in physical and digital formats, it may be seen on social media. By submitting your story, you are okay with having your stories posted on social media.
  4. We will not give your contact name out to anyone. We may contact you about the project at some point.
  5. The story that you write here must be your own and not someone else’s. We assume that the story you write is your own and not someone else’s.

If you have any questions, please contact us.


  1. Write out your answers to the questions in your native language.
  2. You can include photos with your story at the end.
  3. Your story will be translated into English.
  4. You will get a copy of your story. Your story will also be included in our library for other people to read.
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