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This form gives the Department of Imaginary Affairs permission to use your story. You can choose how we can use them.

Your stories are your stories. We are asking for permission to publish your stories as part of The Stories of Us project and include the stories in our library in physical and digital formats.

If we take a photo of you or record your voice, this form also gives us permission to use the photo and recording as we need to.

Because this project will be available online and in physical format, it may be seen on social media. By signing this document, you are okay with having your stories posted on social media.

We will not give your contact name out to anyone. We may contact you about the project at some point.

If you have any questions, please email us at

  • By granting permission to any or all of the above, I will still have the right to tell my story and to use it as I wish. Department of Imaginary Affairs will apply these permissions to the below.

    Based on the permissions I have granted, the Department of Imaginary Affairs may also make any photographs, audio or video recording of my story and the written or visual material available in whole or in part for publication online. These photographs, recordings and materials may also be published as part of a book or another type of publication published by the Department of Imaginary Affairs by it alone, or by subcontract, joint venture or partnership with other organizations or other entities.

    I also grant to the Department of Imaginary Affairs the right to use my name and voice, biography, videotaped image and photograph (as permitted above) in connection with the project and the materials, and for related promotional purposes.

    I understand and agree that my story may be broadcast or published online or elsewhere, and that members of the public may post pictures and commentary about my story on social media. I also understand and agree that members of the public or the press may report on my story or contact me about my story. Lastly, I understand and agree that the Department of Imaginary Affairs will use my contact information to communicate with me about the project and for no other purpose.

    My story does not infringe the intellectual property rights of others, is not libelous and does not breach any confidence.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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