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This project attempts to address the many places where we are exercising, expanding, and deepening our individual and collective ability to hold and host grief. 

While it’s natural to want to wave a wand and make all the pain disappear, that is just not possible. So, instead, this residency and the broader research project it is nested within, continues to explore how we might support each other through our individual and collective grief and grieving.

The research goal of ‘Hosting and Holding Grief’ is looking into the foundations of what it means to work towards and imagine a grief-informed recovery.

To do this work, we turned to people on the frontlines. We invited 30 frontline workers who serve Newcomers, Immigrants and Youth (especially those who identify as Black, Indigenous and People of Colour) to offer their wisdom and insights to how they are currently understanding, questioning and processing grief.

More to come soon.

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