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In late March, after a few months of brainstorming, we decided it was time to take our ideas out of our heads and into the community.

We knew that we had some questions that needed exploring and that there was no better way to get the answers than to ask people we know to help us figure them out.

We wanted to make sure that all the ideas we had swirling around about how awesome the Department of Imaginary Affairs was going to be were in fact true.

2015-03-26 18.41.59

And so we hosted  small dinner gathering to find out.

After a short introduction about the DIA and where our vision is headed, we dove in to figuring out the basis of our values and mission statement, mapping out opportunities and challenges for the DIA and building an ideal neighbourhood.

2015-03-26 21.25.352015-03-26 20.22.30

Not bad for 2 hours!

Thanks to everyone that made it out, this certainly won’t be our last.

2015-03-26 21.13.48

Jenn found herself in the nonprofit sector 15 years and has spent her professional and personal life since then guiding conversations through questions and yearning for imagination. Jenn identifies as second-generation Chinese-Canadian, a Mama to two kiddos, a passionately struggling idealist, a recovering perfectionist (aka Super Virgo) and navigating pandemic-induced anxiety. Jenn exists professionally as a designer, researcher and facilitator. In her (limited) spare time, she can be found crafting, eating junk food, cuddling with kiddos and floating in water.

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