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#DearSoU is a time capsule that contains artifacts from the life and times of The Stories of Us (SoU). SoU is a project of the Department of Imaginary Affairs, that works with newcomers to construct and reconstruct their stories after the life-altering event that is immigration. The invitation to contribute to this time capsule was extended to the community of people who have touched and been touched by SoU over the last three years. Over the course of June 2021, we have been sharing these artifacts  @dia_space on Instagram. 

Today’s artifact features our first-ever storyteller, Moluk. In Fall 2018, our Program Manager Mathura Mahendren visited Moluk’s tailoring shop in Toronto, where she shared her story while working. Since then, Moluk’s story has been featured in storytelling exhibits, English Conversation Circles, public library displays, and ESL classes across the country. With the luxury of time on our side, we were able to document and include stories from almost all stages of Moluk’s life in her storybook. Earlier this year, when we were contemplating hosting an SoU Oscars to conclude the project, it was clear that Moluk’s story would win the Lifetime Achievement Award. You can read Moluk’s full story here, in either English or Persian, Moluk’s home language.

When we asked Moluk if/what she might like to contribute to the SoU time capsule, she asked that we send her a few questions to answer. Below we share a short interview that resulted from that exchange, written in both English and Persian.

Curious to read Moluk’s full story? You can check it out here:

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