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The Department of Imaginary Affairs (DIA) is seeking passionate and committed individuals to join our Board of Directors. Our goal is to create a world when we no longer need to talk about equity, inclusion and belonging because we have dismantled all systems of oppression.

We are currently seeking 3 new board members (2 Board of Directors (general) and 1 Treasurer). 

This is an unpaid role. The deadline for this role is ongoing until the positions are filled. 

Goal: We see being a Board Member as a form of philanthropy. Philanthropy comes in a mixture of 4 T’s – time, treasure, talent and testimony/ties. We recognize that it is a gift to have you participate as a Board Member as well as a privilege to be a part of the impact we are creating. Therefore it is our aim to maintain reciprocal engagement on both sides. 

Here is what we ask you to consider when applying to be a Board Member at DIA: 


Term: We are seeking Board Members who have the capacity to commit to 3+ years of service, however we recognize that, ensuring that the relationship is reciprocal in the first year is a priority. 

Board Meetings: We have four 2-hour board meetings in a year. (Approximately one in February, May, July, November; AGM in May – 2 meetings virtually, 2 in Toronto or nearby)

Hours: We understand this is a voluntary role and therefore Board Member capacity varies depending on availability and reliability. Outside of board meetings, we may seek input from Board members via email and other platforms. Our current members spend about 5 hours a month. 

Extras: We have 1-2 Strategy Retreats each year, team learning and team meals – these are optional


Donation: Some organizations expect donations (in the form of cash or fundraising) from Board Members. This is not a prerequisite to engaging with us. 


Experience: We are looking for candidates who have previous experience or comfort with the following: 

Board of Directors (General)  Treasurer 
  • Prioritizing lived experience of individuals in equity-deserving groups 
  • Working knowledge/experience of the nonprofit sector, social innovation, community-based research, human-centred design, co-design 
  • Reviewing legal documents 
  • Reviewing financial statements and documents 
  • Preparing financial updates for Board Meetings

It is important that all our Board Members are open to engaging in dialogue about anti-racism, colonization and systems of oppression. 

We understand that this list might feel like unicorn-humans. If you do not already have this experience, tell us about what experience you do have and how you see yourself contributing those talents to our work. 

Testimony or Ties 

Story: We ask that Board Members gain confidence telling their own stories about what we do at DIA to the people you think can support our work. This can come in the form of social media posts, blogs, personal conversations, introductions, etc.

Our commitment:

We get that life changes and so do your needs as individuals, and we make every effort to respect and value what you are able to offer at a given time. This means that we do regular check-ins on your availability and capacity to engage with us and accommodate as needed. 

We look to Prentis Hemphill’s wisdom: “Boundaries are the distance at which I can love you and me simultaneously.” 

Expectations: We are not your typical non-profit organization. We are constantly evolving our policies, practices, and programs. If you are interested in this role, we recommend that you are ready for a change in your personal and professional understanding of how a non-profit organization is “supposed” to operate. 

As a Board Member of the DIA, you will be joining a group of dedicated, knowledgeable, and uniquely suited individuals who believe in our potential and work to help us make it happen. Our board members trust our small but mighty staff team to lead our day-to-day operations and, in turn, support our organization to strive for what’s next. Our board contributes to shaping our strategy, governance and takes on the liability for what we do. 

The core of our work is to imagine equitable futures and our Board is no different. We are committed to equity, inclusion, anti-oppression, and anti-racism. We place value on working on and through intersectionality, power, and privilege at every level of our organization. 

Ok, if you made it all the way here and are still keen to join us, here are you next steps: 

Send to us the following: 

  1. Tell us a story – (we will accept this as 1-2 pages of written text or a video or audio note that is under 10 minutes):
    1. Who are you, what roles do you play in your life, what makes you want to join the DIA Board? 
    2. How do you define meaningful equity work and how do you see your role in it?
    3. We know you’re still learning about the organization but from what you know about us so far, what feels most important to you about what DIA does? What would you like to contribute to the DIA? How did you come to learn about us? 
  2. What else would help us get to know you better? Share with us something specific that you made that you are proud of. 

A resume is not required or expected. 

Please send your stuff to 

We will reach out to first rounds of candidates for interviews beginning June 17, 2024. However, those who apply after this date may be called for a second round of interviews. If you have any questions, please contact

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