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The Stories of Us Curriculum

Supplementary PBLA Activities by LINC Teachers

How are these activities created?

Throughout this project, we have consulted with LINC teachers through interviews and design labs, to capture their unique challenges and co-create resources that enable newcomers to engage in storytelling to support language acquisition, build confidence, cultivate a sense of community, and facilitate the natural grieving and healing processes that accompany immigration.

In this vein, all of the activities and resources in this bank have been created by LINC teachers who have implemented the Curriculum in their classrooms and have found ways to make it PBLA-relevant. To see a full list of the teachers who have contributed resources, click on the Contributors tab.

How can I contribute activities to this bank?

If you would like to contribute supplementary activities to the Curriculum, please do so via the form in the Activity Submission tab.

*Note on naming conventions: Where a teacher has submitted a set of related documents around a single activity or workshop, the submitted files are named as (x of y), where y refers to the total number of documents in that set and x is the order in which that particular document appears in the set.

**RWT = Real World Task

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