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How we care for each other, for ourselves and how we let others care for us is changing. Now more than ever, we are rethinking how we care. During this ongoing pandemic, we are all having to adapt.

Some of us are holding on to what we valued in the past, some of us are living in the present, some of us are imagining the future, and some of us are doing all at the same time.

In our own ways, we are all in an ever-changing process of surviving, changing, grieving, healing and recovering.

During DesignTO Festival 2021, Jenn is participating in 3 different ways. Jenn will be speaking at the Ideas Forum on January 28th on “The Ever-Evolving Role Caring for the Design Process”, Jenn is also participating in the thematic exchange through 2 installations; “Care | Past, Present, Future” and “Stories of Care”.

Through both “Care | Past, Present, Future” and “Stories of Care”, we are aiming to learn more about how care is evolving and how we can participate in sharing stories as tools for advocacy.

Care | Past, Present, Future

Care | Past, Present, Future’ is a living installation that will be updated throughout the duration of the DesignTO Festival and online exhibition. Visitors are invited to contribute to the artwork by submitting to a questionnaire. Artist Moira Ness will interpret and transform their responses into a visual text-based image. Just like how Moira and Jenn see care as ever-changing, this installation will continue to change too.

Stories of Care

‘Stories of Care’ is an evolution of a community storytelling project that started at North York Community House. The aim of the Stories of Care program was to capture and amplify the stories of Filipina essential workers and caregivers, and the impact of the pandemic on them. The project revealed stories of employment, unemployment, family, grief, healing, community and resilience.

Through DesignTO, ‘Stories of Care’ has evolved into an installation to inspire conversations across generations and identities. ‘Stories of Care’ will showcase the stories of 5 Filipinas through the visual work of 3 Filipinx artists. This work is intended to spark conversations and inform viewers about the stories of many Filipino immigrants on the frontlines of taking care of Canadians through the pandemic.

‘Stories of Care’ is a collaborative project presented by the Department of Imaginary Affairs. The project would not be possible without the vulnerability, joy, generosity of time and care for the community that has been shared by Leny Rose, Ollie Dela Cruz, Gretchen Mangahas, Elda Almario, Elvin Velasco, Carmina Miana, Mary Joy Pascua and Lilibeth Galapon. ‘Stories of Care’ is made in tribute to the Filipinx caregivers and migrant workers we have lost in 2020.

Share your story.

Share your story of how care is evolving for you.

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