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We are looking for 3 Filipinx Artists to develop visual interpretations of stories of Filipinx stories of care.


We have been selected to participate in the DesignTO thematic installation. We are looking for 3 Filipinx Visual Artists to help us execute the vision of our installation. The installation will be digital and on display from January – April 2021 through the DesignTO website. There is an artist honorarium for the 3 selected artists.

Artists will get a list of quotes, short stories, and possibly audio clips from Filipinx storytellers to develop the installation pieces.

If timing and schedules allow, we will plan a Filipinx Artists and Storytellers meet and greet the week of December 7th.

Once Artists are selected, they will have until December 20th to submit 1-3 pieces of their art to be included in the installation.


Quite simply we are relying on essential workers now more than ever before, many of whom come to Canada from the Philippines; 34.4% of internationally trained nurses and 90% of migrant caregivers come from the Philippines.


If you are interested, please send the following by December 4th, 11:59pm:

  • portfolio (please include 3-5 examples of visual work you have completed, mediums may include but are not limited to: paint, pencil, charcoal, mixed medium, collage, ceramics)
  • why you are interested in participating

Send to Jenn through email, re: Filipinx Artist DesignTO. The installation will be digital and all meetings will be done virtual. Artists can be from anywhere in Canada.

How this fits with the work we do

Our work is focused on contributing to the evolving definition of what it means to be Canadian from new and developing Canadians. We are invested in hearing, elevating, and amplifying the voices, perspectives, and stories of newcomers and young people in Canada and their visions of alternative and equitable futures. We believe that newcomers and young people make up a majority population in Canada who are under-represented when it comes to the design, development, and implementation of empathetic policies, programs, and services.

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