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Over the last few weeks, we have been scrambling to figure out ways of capturing all that is happening right now.

Last week, we launched letters to our future time capsule project to capture individual stories to our future selves about how we are handling life in the times of COVID-19. As the letters have been trickling in, we were simultaneously collaborating with North York Community House and freelance consultant Marco Campana to design a Settlement Sector Survey to understand what’s happening across the immigrant and refugee-serving sector through remote/digital work during the time of COVID-19.

This survey will be useful for all of us to establish a snapshot of where we all are at right now. We plan on sending another survey in the future, when we are back in our offices, to see how it all went. This survey is not intended to compare our organizations or to be used for performance reviews. This is not a survey about the specific technology tools that you are using. 

It is about the culture, mindset, and structures in place that are supporting or hindering you from getting your job done. This is not an evaluation of how you are doing your job but a check-in to see how you are managing your new normal. You might have kids or other family members at home. You might be worrying about relatives overseas. You might be wondering how to connect with a client you saw last month, but they aren’t answering their phone. You might be supporting family or friends who are at-risk or already have lost their jobs. There is a lot going on right now. 

We value the time and insights everyone is contributing to help us gain perspectives on what is happening in your homes.

The first round of the Settlement Sector Survey will end on April 17th. We will do another survey when we have returned to working from our offices.


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