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I have volunteered with The Stories of Us project as a…
Translator / Verifier

Tell us a bit about yourself. (Feel free to speak to your personal and professional background and experiences, as well as your hobbies and interests)
I work as a language translator and interpreter. I feel fortunate that my studies and work in the language services industry have allowed me to have a deep understanding and appreciation for different cultures. I have a real passion for reading. I think it is my favourite activity. I’m also interested in exploring nature, hiking or just walking along trails. There is so much to see and explore out there!

Why did you want to get involved with The Stories of Us project?
I was first referred to The Stories of Us program by MCIS Language Solutions. I feel that it’s a perfect match for my interests and abilities. I’m very interested in the work that is done at the Department of Imaginary Affairs, which is opening up new ways of communication through sharing one’s own story. It is a great way for people to feel more connected and involved, which can foster a sense of belonging and empathy.

How would you describe your experience as a volunteer with The Stories of Us to a friend?
Volunteering is deeply rooted in the Canadian culture. I found it to be a great way to contribute to the community, while gaining valuable skills at the same time. The gift of effort and time is very valuable. The team at The Stories of Us is highly professional and creative which has made the volunteering experience productive and pleasant.

How do you imagine Canada in 50 years from now? (This is a question that guides our work, and we would love to know and try to incorporate your vision into our work as well.)
50 years from now, I would imagine Canada will continue to be one of the best places on earth! It will be a place where people feel they have the freedom and capacity to be the best version of themselves. Various spectrums of abilities and skills will be valued and appreciated, as we all have a valuable essence to share with the world. We will celebrate our differences and utilize them in the best way possible to build a strong economy, because regardless of our different backgrounds, ethnicities or circumstances, we do share the same dream of a prosperous future for all.

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Blair is a trained playwright, designer by trade, and traveler for life. He is the Executive Director of the DIA and loves all kinds of food.

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