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We have been out story collecting for the last month or so and we have collected nearly 400 stories! This is mainly due to a great partnership that we created with 4 Toronto Catholic Schools in the East side. We headed into the schools to collect stories from students in kindergarten to grade 8. With some of the schools, we were welcomed into one classroom and got to work hands-on with the class to collect written stories, brainstorm 100 years from now and get some really great future window stories.

One school in particular we worked with contributed to our numbers in a BIG way, we went to St. Denis (which is also where Blair went to school) and we worked with the entire school. That’s right, every single student from kindergarten to grade 8.

It was a great day. Full of enthusiasm, funny ideas and some really great stories.

We want to thank each school for their time in coordinating, sharing their thoughtful students and being a part of The East Side Story.

Here’s some of the feedback we have got about the workshops:

“This project was great for students of the St James Town community express there voice in a creative and dynamic manner.” – Principal, Our Lady of Lourdes

“I spoke with the class today so that I would give you accurate feedback. I asked them to raise their hands if they really really really enjoyed the activity and 80% of hands were up. Pretty good!

I asked them what had been important for them and the “future” window activity resonated with them. As well, they were pleased with being able to tell their stories to someone new (you!)

Some are hoping that their work will be selected for publication. I would say that they would welcome another round of this in the fall. So, good work!” – Principal, St. Michael’s

Jennifer Chan

Jennifer Chan

Jenn has been working with nonprofits and communities for over 10 years guiding design thinking and strategic foresight processes. Jenn believes in facilitating conversations lead by the community to find pain points that drive and ground new ideas.

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